We really enjoyed our Private Tour to Rome. I was concerned about taking this tour and not a ship's tour because of the distance involved form pier to city but no worries at all in the end. We were totally at ease. Our driver was completely aware of our schedule. We were back in plenty of ...

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Bringing the Smart Alternative to Expensive Shore Excursions to those Cruising the Mediterranean Sea!

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OK IconAnchorRisk-Free Buying - Our Money back Guarantee

 Risk Free BuyingPurchasing a tour or an activity from is completely risk-free.  CANCEL ANY TIME UP TO 48h (*see exception) PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE TOUR AND GET A REFUND no questions asked!  Also if your shore excursion is canceled due to weather, or if your ship arrives late or is unable to get into port, you will be issued a full refund. *Exception: for private shore excursion by a luxury vehicle with driver, the cancelation must be received 7 days in advance.

Cancellation Procedure:  getting your money back is easy and hassle-free, just send an email with your order information and a detailed request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Full refund excludes the €1,50 (approximately $2.00 depending on current exchange rate) per product booking and handling fee.

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AnchorGuaranteed on-time return for Private and Bus shared excursions

Return On Time Guarantee

When you book a qualifying shore excursion with, you are guaranteed you'll make it back to your ship on time.
A bit of background info: cruise line companies do not make their profits on the sale of the cruise packages, but on the extras, namely the tour excursions and the additional services offered aboard. In return for the higher price on shore excursions they guarantee that they will wait if something happens and the tour is delayed. Don't be intimidated by this cruise line scare tactics. Our qualified tours are offered in partnership with the same operators used by the Cruise Lines (but without the hefty markups).  These tours have never missed a ship in over 10 years of operation. This is because if there are problems with the roads the driver gets notified and takes alternative routes. And if all roads are blocked  (which so far has not happened), then the cruise lines tours are delayed as well and the ship has to wait. But you may ask, what if a bus or car breaks down? This possibility is covered as well, as we have a large fleet of vehicles available, and if one goes out of service it gets quickly replaced.
The On Time Return Guarantee is available only on qualifying purchases. To qualify, the shore excursion must specifically state it is covered by On Time Return Guarantee. Other services, like Excursions by train, are not guaranteed.
Guarantee applies only to our qualifying shore excursions and only when, through no fault or action of your own, you are not returned to the ship in time to board. The Guarantee is void in instances where the delay is caused by your own actions and/or you have deviated from the SmartCruiseTours activity or tour.

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OK IconAnchorExclusive Offers - Online Purchase Available Only at

With some of our products we are able to bring you exclusive deals not available anywhere else on-line, like the following SmartCruiseTours™        exclusive offers for Rome:



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OK IconSkip the lines servicesAnchorSkip the Interminable Lines and Save time with Advanced Booking

We know that you have no time to waste. Enjoying a hassle-free excursion is impossible when everything you want to do requires a long waiting line. As a matter of fact, most train stations and ticket offices will have you stand in line from 30 minutes to 2 hours in order to get your ticket or entrance pass! Purchasing in advance from will resolve this problem completely. No more waiting in line!  

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OK IconAnchorComplete How To Instructions and Guides Included with Every PurchaseHow To Shore Excursions Guides

With every purchase, you get a complete How To Guide  full of useful information, prepared by local experts, specifically for cruise travelers.  This is not the usual generic city guide with information about monuments, sightseeing, restaurants and so on. This is the ONLY guide specifically created for the needs of cruise travelers. And we know, as we love cruises and have often found ourselves in trouble, that the needs of those traveling on a cruise are quite different. We know that time is precious and that knowing exactly what is to be expected can make a huge difference. So we have put together some very useful guides with everything you need to ensure a successful shore excursion! 

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