Fast Track Vatican Express Train to Rome - Non Stop

Round Trip Non Stop Express Train to Rome (with dedicated personnel). Arrives in Rome in 42 minutes, connects Civitavecchia train station to St. Peter's station near the Vatican.


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Full fare Round trip Train Only
Reduced Fare (4 to 12yo) - Round trip Train Only
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Please note that train services do not include a return on time guarantee. For a cost effective guaranteed service refer to our Rome By Bus Tours starting at €19.00 for round trip service. Bus tours depart from the port exit and do not require the additional 20 muinutes walk. 


  • Seasonal service not available every day, see alternative services:
  • Cancellation policy: in order to receive a refund, we need to receive your changes or cancelation 7 calendar days before the scheduled departure or time.


Departure: Civitavecchia train station 9:30 AM arrives at Roma S. Pietro station at 10:12 AM
Return: Roma (S. Pietro) station 3:30 PM  arrives at Civitavecchia train station at 4:12 PM
Map and instructions printed on your travel Voucher.


Round trip express train service. Guaranteed seats with advanced online purchase. Dedicated onboard personnel.


This Seasonal Express Train will take you from Civitavecchia to Rome (St. Peter's Station) in 42 minutes, without a single stop in betweeen. This safe and comfortable transfer will allow you to avoid crowds of commuters, and skip the lines at the ticket station as you will be boarding directly with your Voucher. Dedicated onboard personnel will provide assistance.


Rome St. Peter's Train Station is situated just few blocks (10 minutes walk) from Sant Peter's Square.

Reaching the Train Station

It will take approximately 45 min to 1 hour to get from the ship's pier to the train station. Cruise Travelers must take a free shuttle bus from the ship pier to the port exit. Once there you can either walk to the train station (20-30 min) or take public transportation (frequency is approximately 20 min + 15 minutes transfer time).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Comparison between the Fast Track Express train to Rome and other train services.

Is this the same train offered by Cruise Ships?

No, this is not the train offered By Royal Caribbean (see this link for the RC train description).

What are the differences between this train and the one offered by Royal Caribbean?

Besides the price difference, here are some other differences when compared to the RC train description as of June 2015 (see this link for their description)
  • the RC train description mentions that the RC train takes approximately 1 hour to reach Rome, when our train takes 42 minutes 
  • The Fast Track Express Train to Rome is free for 0-3 yo kids. 
  • The RC train departs from inside the port, our train departs from Civitavecchia train station (see how to reach the station above)

Aren't there other Direct Express trains offered by Trenitalia (the Italian railway system)?

Yes there are, but they are not as convenient, here is why:
  • our fast track direct train costs €25 round trip
  • the only other morning direct Trenitalia train from Civitavecchia departs at 9:19, does not stop at the Vatican, and arrives at Termini at 10:18 (8 minutes later then ours). Besides arriving later since it only stops at Termini station, people must take the metro to go to any of the main Rome’s Sites (Colosseum, Spagna, Vatican, etc...). 
  • Our Fast track train includes on board English speaking assistance and staff 

What about the local Regional Trains? Aren't those more convenient in terms of cost and schedule?

The local Regional trains provide some definite advantages as they run every day, and approximately every 30 minutes. But travelers must realize that they were intended for commuters use, and inevitably have certain drawbacks:

  • on days where there are up to 12,000 people or more arriving at the port on a cruise, the local trains get extremely overcrowded. This article better describes the issue. 
  • local trains often have no airconditioning and can get uncomfortable in the summer.
  • local trains do not have dedicated space for luggage (as they were intended for commuters)
  • especially when they are overcrowded, local trains tend to have problems with pick pocketing, typical of overcrowded public transportation systems. 

In terms of price the local trains cost €12 for a round trip BIRG ticket (a 24 hours integrated public transportation ticket).

Essentially local regional trains are an excellent option on those days when there are less cruise travelers in town and therefore the trains are not overcrowded.