Travel Agents

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We are very happy to work with Travel Agents. Please register here to become a SmartCruiseTours Affiliate.
Besides the basic discounts detailed below, we can schedule a conference call to go over these and many other options available to regular affiliates.

Basic Agent Program

We offer €20.00 EUR discount on all Private Excursion booked here
Please note that the excursions listed can be organized for any group size. For larger group sizes, you will receive a special agent package (see sample herewith discounted group prices. In both cases it is up to you to resell the tours (either big or small) and set your own price.
On all other excursions (those that are not Private Excursions) we offer 5% agent discounts at
Please note that there are no available discounts on train excursions nor transfers, as they are already highly discounted.
In order to to take advantage of any agent discount you must first send us your travel agent status credentials (a personal web site, or business card is enough). Once your affiliate registration is completed, you will receive your Agent Discount Codes to be used at booking time.

Group Concierge Service  (for groups of 15 people and up)

Another thing you may be interested in is our GROUP CONCIERGE SERVICE which allows a group coordinator, independently of travel agent status, to obtain up to free travel depending on the number of people traveling (note this is useful only if you are traveling with your group and are taking tours with them as your commission is applied to the price of the tour). 
Here is how it works:
We create a customer page for your group (see sample) where everyone can go for museum, booking information, tour descriptions, rules, payment procedures, etc.
The group leader (you) gets 100% discount on all excursions for one person or for 2 people on large group sizes
This is a premium service that includes your dedicated travel specialist, a custom web page for your group, a special discount for the coordinator (you) and a 24/7 travel assistance number. The service is paid individually in advanced so you don't have to worry about carrying cash or having to divide the cost between the passengers.
This cannot be combined with the above mentioned  Agent Discount Codes.

Important Note

In all cases the price to the customer is set by us with an agent discount that can go from 5% (or €20 off for private tours) when booking online, to a maximum of 20% when booking on your own custom page, unless the agent travels with the customers and receives free ticket(s). If an agent wishes to resell at their own price the agent would pay the tours to us, according to the discounts indicated above, and resell the tours to his/her customers at the price price set by the agent. In such cases we will be appy to provide a white lable whole sale service, and send issue the vouchers  without the SmartCruiseTours logo but using the Name or Logo of the agent.