I just want to commend Smart Cruise Tours for the good service the company provided us during the our cruise excursions in Italy. There was one particular driver Francesca Della Fede that we truly loved her service during our excursion to Rome Thank you Trang Tran.

Trang Tran.

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Great day for our family with Roberto in Naples! We really appreciated the friendly welcome, and the information throughout the day as we traveled to our various stopping points.<br />
Roberto was very helpful to advise us regarding our Pompeii tour and with other suggestions to make the most of our time on the tour.<br />
<br />
Thank you again!
Posted By: Lisa Smith
We took a minivan for 8 people during our Norwegian Western Mediterranean cruise in June 2016. Took services for shore excursions at 4 ports of call. Our experience was:

Rome (Civitavecchia): The driver Giovanni was excellent. Was punctual, knowledgeable, spoke English and was courteous. The van while going to Rome worked very well, but AC stopped functioning on the way back – guess just a coincidence, as otherwise the vehicle appeared in good condition.
The Guide, Joseph, was fantastic. He had vast knowledge, was open to our questions and did not overwhelm us with details. He was quite accommodating of an old couple in our party.

Florence (Livorno): The driver Fillipo and the vehicle were excellent with all the other attributes.

Cannes: The driver Walter was knowledgeable, punctual, spoke fluent English and was courteous. But did not follow the itinerary and had his own agenda. We were supposed to visit Monaco, Monte-Carlo, Eze and St Paul de Vence. However, could cover only Monaco and Monte-Carlo! This because of traffic (as implied by Walter)!! Actually he was making a movie of his own, recording the way to, and sightseeing in Monaco. From Monaco, instead of going straight to Eze, he advised us go to Eze through a more scenic shoreline – Nice. This was not included in itinerary and caused delay, due to which the whole programme changed. The vehicle was good.

Marseille: The driver Victorine was excellent. She had wonderful knowledge and really knew how to make the people who are visiting the place the first time, comfortable. The vehicle too was good.

Posted By: Maneesh Kumar
6 of us took a semi-private tour in Rome and Francesca Della Fede was our driver. Her knowledge of the area and history was amazing and she was super accommodating, showing us so many hidden gems! Her knowledge of the city and areas allowed us to save time and see so much more than expected. Finally her friendly ways and beautiful smile was the icing on the cake! So friendly she is that we even invited her to our house to visit Canada! While she waited for us at the Vatican, she actually went shopping for us and bough us a small cook book with some of her favourite recipes and introduced us to Buffalo cheese!!!! Employees make a company and she made this company shine! Thank you for the beautiful experience and the unforgettable memories of Rome :)
Posted By: Nicole Gagne and Stephane Gervais
Ottawa, Canada
Un grupo de 6 amigas reserevamos 5 tours para un crucero por el mediterraneo, el servicio y los precios fueron excelentes, nos estaban esperarando tan pronto salimos del barco.
Le pedi a Smart Cruises Tours que los choferes hablaran espanol
(porque somos de Costa Rica) y superaron nuestras expectativas, ellos no solo hablan espanol,tambien fueron muy amables e hicieron un esfuerzo extra para hacer nuestra visita inolvidable.
Fueron muy confiables y nos hicieron sentir seguras todo el tiempo y Smart Cruises Tours fueron muy atentos y siempre estuvieron ahí para cualquier pregunta.
Muchisimas gracias, FRANCESCA en Civatavecchia, NEYZA en Livorno, NICOLA en Napoles y DAVID en Provence.

A group of 6 friends booked 5 tours for a cruise through the Mediterranean, the service and the prices were excellent. They waited for us as soon as we got off the boat.
I asked Smart Cruises Tours for drivers who speak Spanish (because most of us come from Costa Rica), but they exceeded our expectations. Not only did they speak many languages, they were also very friendly and they did their best to make our visit unforgettable. They were extremely reliable and made us feel very safe and comfortable. Smart Cruises Tours was also very attentive and fast to respond to any questions we had.
Thank you so much to, FRANCESCA in Civatavecchia, NEYZA in Livorno, NICOLA in Napoles and DAVID in Provence.
Posted By: Seila Mejias
New York - Costa Rica
We would like to thank Smart Cruise Tours for our fabulous private excursion in Rome on May 3rd 2016. From the very beginning our contact person Ylenia was gracious, professional and extremely kind in answering all of our questions.<br />
<br />
Our driver was present at the ship when we disembarked and drove us to Rome to meet our tour guide Rose to tour the Vatican, St Peters etc. Both were very knowledgable regarding the area and were fun throughout the day. Rose was the most animated person we have ever met and we enjoyed her tremendously.<br />
<br />
Since this was a private tour, we had plenty of time to see everything we wanted considering we were in port just One day. We highly recommend Smart Cruise Tours to anyone traveling to Rome. The Private Tour was the only way to go. When we were finished shopping or touring at each spot, our driver whisked us away to another spot. Perfect! We will surely us this company again. Thanks to everyone who made our trip memorable!
Posted By: Stephen purvis
Dear Julia,

Just a quick word to thank you about the fantastic tour (Rome) that your company provided to us.

I previously had a good experience with your services regarding transfers (from Fiumicino to Civitavecchia and back 4 transfers in total) and we were all very happy with this tour.
The driver, Mr Giuliano was very professional and pleasant and took good care of us, specially taking into account that we were 2 groups of 4 with different agendas for part of the tour. He interacted very well with us and vice-versa.
He managed without difficulty leaving 4 of us in a place while going to pick up the other 4. I can tell you that he was much more relaxed with all this than I was at the beginning.

He did his best (and succeeded) to make our tour a success.

I believe that he arrived a little bit late at the port but that was unnoticeable because 4 of us were not there either at 07h30. But this didn't have any bad impact on us or the tour.

Best regards,

Posted By: Alice P.
Smartcruisetours provided us with transportation from the Civitavecchia port to Rome and a semi-private shore excursion of Rome with a wonderful and professional driver in April 2016. They provide an excellent value and service for us and exactly what we were looking for. Their prices were much less than the cruise ship excursions and the tour and service felt personal. Martina and Julia were very helpful,(and honest). They answered all of my questions (and there was many) and my emails promptly. They also called me and explained how the tours worked. Everything they said would happen, from the driver picking us up next to the cruise ship to dropping us off at the end of day happened as promised. We are extremely satisfied with Smartcruisetours and highly recommend them. They provide many tours, transportation, and excursion for many cities in Europe, so we will use them again. If you want to save money from the expensive cruise ship excursions and want personal service, I suggest contacting them
Posted By: Vinh Bennett
Hi Martina,

I wanted to say thank you very much. The semi-private tour was excellent!
We highly recommend SmartCruiseTours and look forward to using you again.
Posted By: Vinh Bennett
FROM TripAdvisor:
After seeing the exorbitant cost of transportation of cruise line excursions from the port cities of Naples, Civitavecchia and Livorno to Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Pisa and Florence, I decided to book eight person minivan trips through Smart Cruise Tours, at a third of the cost - their "3 Ports BEST Special". This is transportation to get you where you want to go, not tour guides with a wealth of information, without being on a crowded bus or having to rely on public transportation. My contact, completely by email, was Julia, who was polite, prompt and extremely helpful in booking what I needed. I can't help but think that the negative comments in this forum were from people who messed things up themselves and wanted a scapegoat. From Naples, my wife and I were the only people in the van. Antonio, our driver, told us that it had been booked for the maximum of eight, but six people cancelled at the last minute. Smart Cruise Tours could have cancelled us, but didn't, and honored our reservation, even though they probably lost money on it. Antonio was great, and stopped numerous times for us for photo ops. Unfortunately our cruise ship could not dock at the very narrow port of Civitavecchia because of 12 foot waves and high winds, so we missed our day in Rome, on Ash Wednesday nonetheless. We had purchased advance skip-the-line tickets for the Vatican, through Smart Cruise Tours, which Julia refunded to us, along with the advance deposit for the transportation, within 24 hours. Lastly, from Livorno we went to Pisa and Florence, with Adrianna (I think?) as our driver. She was prompt, courteous and informative. Both Antonio and her spoke very good English. I highly recommend this transportation service.
Posted By: Don Baker
Hi Julia,

It has been a pleasure to work with you. We will certainly use SmartCruiseTours when we can in the future and will highly recommend the company, and specifically you, to our friends who travel.

Posted By: Don Baker

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